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High Pressure Jet Hire

Griffin Toilet Hire have a brand new High Pressure Combination JHL 312 Flex-line tanker available for hire. We are available for commercial or domestic hire across Bristol, Bath and Somerset.

Hire is based on 1/2 or full day hire and the Jetter tanker will be sent with two fully trained operatives to clear the blockage.

With the JHL Flex-line tanker we can cover the following:

  • Clearing blocked drains – for septic tanks, roads, houses, commercial and more.
  • Clear culverts and gullies
  • Empty Interceptor tanks and pits for commercial premises
  • Jet through pipes for water or effluent/ waste
  • Wash Down and clear up spill areas
  • CCTV surveys.

Our team will identify the cause of the blockage, remove it, advise on any repairs and are able to recommend the best methods to prevent possible future blockages.


Griffin Toilet Hire can jet and clear pipes and internal drains if they are blocked or slow, including sinks, basins, toilets, baths and showers. Many times, wipes, sanitary products and nappies can block drains for the toilet. Sinks may become blocked due to grease or fat from kitchens or a build – up of soap scum.


When you have blocked external drain’s we have the equipment and knowledge needed to help clear problem and advise on repairs if needed. Many drains may be blocked due to damage from tree roots, or debris and our high pressure jetter will be able to clear this. We can also clear limescale, Screw Vite, build- up of food, fat or foreign matter.

We can offer CCTV Surveying to check the condition of your drains or find the cause of the blockage.


Griffin Toilet Hire work with many commercial companies for jetting and drain clearance. This includes KIER BAM, Wessex Water, Geneco, Plant force and BYLOR JV. We work on a first come first booked basis and can cover most emergency work as well as planned hire. We offer a minimum 1/2 day hire but can be booked in group slots or individual days when needed.

A recent testimonial stated. “Your vehicle and team were 5*. The blockage on site was cleared with minimal fuss and very professionally. We will be using your company for all our drainage needs from now on”

Please call our office 01278 773770 or complete the contact us form and we can discuss your requirements.

I would like to thank you for your had work, dedication and commitment to us in these early days of the project.

Alex Mabbott Snr Project Manager, Logistics

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