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Wassailing Events across Somerset in January 2020 will be a popular event for many people.

Griffin Toilet Hire cover several of these events annually by providing mobile toilet facilities for visitors to use during the celebration. We cover rights across Somerset areas in apple orchards or near special trees.


A wassail is a traditional ceremony to encourage new growth and a bountiful harvest to the apple trees. It usually takes place on the 12th Night – this is now the 5th January, but Old Twelvey Night is 17th January, as that would have been the correct date upto 1752.

The wassailing starts at dusk with the preparation of a special drink made in a wassail bowl. This seems to vary from place to place with anything from beer, warm cider or a sort of egg nog all being used.

The drink is carried to the orchard with everyone involved in the wassail. There are rhymes to be chanted to the trees – these also vary from place to place.

The ‘wassailers’ are encouraged make a lot of noise, banging drums, clashing sticks even firing off shot guns to wake up the trees. Branches of the trees are hit as well to encourage the sap to start flowing and to frighten away evil spirits that might be hiding amongst them. Some of the prepared drink is poured at the base of the tree and toast, cake or bread put into the branches to feed the good spirits.

These days some wassails carry on all the traditional practices. Others seem to be just a good excuse for cider drinking and a party! Why not try Wassailing in 2020?

Griffin Toilet Hire provide portable toilet facilities for several Wassail events locally. Call us to see if we can provide toilets for your event.
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Glastonbury Tor wassail

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