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Griffin Toilet Hire can provide Building Site toilets in cheddar and the surrounding areas for hire. We can hire cold wash or hot wash portable toilets for building sites in Cheddar. All portable toilets are delivered steam cleaned ready for use with HSE compliant sinks and toilet rolls. We service our site toilets weekly on a regular day to keep them in tip top condition and keep smells down.

Building Site Toilets in Cheddar also benefit from competitive pricing and free delivery and collection as it is a local location to Griffin Toilet Hire based in Mark.

Griffin Toilet Hire site toilets

Hot wash Building site toilets

Cheddar is well known as a tourist attraction and boasts the largest gorge in the UK covering 3 miles top to bottom at a maximum depth of 137 m. Britain’s oldest skeleton was found in a cave in the gorge is 1903. He was named Cheddar man and his bones date back to approx. 7150 BC. The gorge attracts 500,000 visitors a year.

Of course the other famous link to Cheddar is it’s cheese. Cheddar Cheese was made by accident 800 years. Legend has it  a milkmaid left a pail of milk in the caves at the gorge and returned some time later to find the milk had turned into a tasty new substance! Cave aged cheese can still be purchased from the Gorge.

Cave aged Cheese

Cheddar Gorge holds may secrets including Lion Rock and the now famous Gough’s and Cox’s caves. Discovered by Richard Gough, Goughs Cave was previously known as Sand Hole. Between 1892 and 1898 Richard Cox Gough, who lived in Lion House in Cheddar, found, excavated and opened to the public further areas of the cave, up to Diamond Chamber, which is the end of the show cave today. The cave is susceptible to flooding often lasting for up to 48 hours, however in the Great Flood of 1968 the flooding lasted for three days. The extensive flooded parts of the cave system were found and explored between 1985 and 1990.

Cox’s Cave was discovered by George Cox in 1837. One section of the cave is known as the Home of the Rainbow, where traces of minerals have been brought in from the surface, and have given the stalagmites a wide range of colour, from nearly black, green, and orange to pure white. The famous French speleologistÉdouard-Alfred Martel, visited this cave and declared that “out of 600 caves, Cox’s was admired the most”.

Cheddar strawberries are a famous Summer fruit which boasts great growing conditions and juicy tasty berries. The Railway used to run from Cheddar towards Weston Super Mare and this was called the Strawberry Line. There is a cycle path that has replaced the line and this has been named the same as a historic reference to times gone by.

Cheddar Strawberries

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