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Here at Griffin Toilet Hire we like to ‘give back’ to the community.

We have a clear Community Action policy as part of our on going business plans and actions for running their company in Somerset.

Our aim is to support and donate to the local community in different ways from sponsoring events, providing discount hire for charities and donating raffle prizes to charities and local events.

Griffin Toilet Hire in Mark, Somerset donated money to refurbish the local historic finger signpost.

Griffin Toilet Hire in Mark receive letter from Mark Parish Council

Community action:


The Company works hard with supporting the local community and charities. The Company has a ‘provide and donate’ philosophy for work in the local community and will on occasion offer reduced or free rates of hire or donate to charities close to the Company.

We will also offer raffle prizes or sponsorship to local village events as a good will gesture.

Employment: We currently employ 9 local people within the business as employees and use many more people through our company, which provides further work and employment for local people.

Using Local: The company use local trades people, local suppliers and locally based companies where possible.

Trades people: include our electricians, plumbers, pat testers, mechanics, wheel and tires, signage, cleaner, bookkeeper and computer / technical team.

Suppliers include, fuel, chemical, some cleaning and paper products, postage and banking, paper and stationary,

Companies include photocopier, tool purchases, accountants, food, uniform, NFU local office, local advertising companies.

Social Media: We often link with our suppliers or customers events to bring awareness to a product or an event.

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