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Griffin Toilet Hire Promotes Road Safety Week to its team by raising awareness through a poster and display campaign.

This years Road Safety Week is between the 19.11.18 – 23.11.18 and its aim is to raise awareness to road users about being safe  and legal on the road. The campaign is focusing on Bike Smart to increase Bike Safety and awareness of bike users on the road.

road safety with Griffin Toilet Hire

Bike Smart drivers should

  1. Take time to look property when pulling out  of junctions / parking spaces and driveways. As bikes and motorcycles are smaller but can be fairly fast, it is important for drivers to check fully with a whole head movement not just a side ways glance.
  2. Never drive into a bike box and make sure you stop behind lines at a junction. riders may need this space to move safety through the junction. Obviously drivers should not park or drive in cycle lanes either.
  3. Leave a minimum 1.5 gap between the cyclist or motor bike and your vehicle. you should also pay full attention to the road and pass with a wide gap.
  4. Drive for the conditions on the road. Many riders are less visible in the dark or the dusk winter evenings. So be aware of riders and take bends with caution. Slowing your speed, especially on rural roads is a good step to keep riders of bikes, motorcycles and even horse riders saver.
  5. Slow your speed in built up areas – many school areas and built up areas have a maximum 20 mph or 30 mph – this is important to keep people and other road users safe.
  6. Check behind you or in your mirrors before you open a car or vehicle door. Always turn your head to check so you don’t knock someone into the road or off their bike.

Griffin Toilet Hire LTD recognise the importance of road safety and keeping people on bicycles, motor bikes are safer on the roads. We have put a display on our staff room board for our drivers to read and update their knowledge.

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