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GRIFFIN TOILET HIRE SUPPORTS BBC DIY SOS by donating a toilet trailer for free for a local build in Weston Super Mare.

Griffin Toilet Hire responded to the BBC advert asking for trades people and equipment donations for a local family.

The Family desperately needed a house renovation to provide access for their three children who have increase mobility difficulties and we did not hesitate in offering a luxury toilet trailer for use by the crew and builders during the build.

For the Sweet family everything from climbing up stairs to getting into a bath has become a struggle since their three children developed rare genetic condition

These illnesses has profoundly affected their lives, making it hard for them to see or even move. And they desperately needed a home which can cater for their new needs.The DIY team wanted to make the family’s home more wheelchair-accessible, as all three children were recently diagnosed with rare genetic disorders, which cause impaired movement.

Harry, aged six, was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome in 2014 – a genetic condition which causes chronic joint pain, constipation and unsettled sleep.

Three years later, Harry’s older siblings were diagnosed with Friedreich’s Ataxia – an untreatable ‘life-limiting’ condition which causes difficulty walking and impaired speech. The conditions will see Max, aged 11, and Louisa, aged 14, become permanent wheelchair users.

A DIY SOS spokesman said: “The Sweets are a happy and truly inspirational family who are admired in their close-knit community.

“All three children now struggle to live a normal life at home and are unable to undertake simple tasks without help.

“Cat can no longer lift the children in and out of the bath or carry them upstairs. Louisa and Max can only manage to climb the stairs by painfully crawling on all fours.

“Louisa is rapidly losing her teenage independence instead of gaining it, despite the immense love and care of her parents.”

That is why DIY SOS and kind volunteers are stepping up to help this truly deserving family.

Around 300 people turned up to show their support as the Sweet family returned to their Exford Close home for the big reveal on March 28. Nick Knowles and the DIY SOS team spent nine days renovating the terraced house, working to make it accessible for the children, who all suffer from rare genetic conditions which have a significant impact on daily life.

Griffin Toilet Hire received lots of very positive reviews from the users at the build.


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