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Septic Tank Legislation as of 1st January 2020 is changing and is means some homeowners may need to upgrade their system.

Since 1st January 2015 the GBR – General Building Rules came into force regarding Septic tanks and sewerage treatment plants in domestic use.

If you have a septic system that discharges directly to surface water – i.e ditch or stream you will need to replace or upgrade your treatment system by 1st January 2020.

A septic tank provides a traditional solution to sewerage disposal for domestic dwellings that don;t have access to mains drainage. Sewerage from the toilet enters the septic settlement chamber allowing the solid was to sink to the bottom – This is the sludge that we remove when emptying a septic treatment system.




Liquid stays at the surface. The surface liquid meets oxygen from the air and in the chamber and this organic matter starts to breakdown. The liquid will still contain sewerage but in much smaller particles which are small enough to be carried through the discharge outlet and into the ground via a soak away.


Homeowners are responsible for managing their own domestic waste and

if the septic treatment system pollutes and water source then action will be taken against the home owner.

Griffin Toilet Hire are available to empty Septic tanks, Cess pits and Water Treatment Systems in Somerset and Bristol areas.



We can also jet pipes to remove or prevent blockages to and from the tank and the house.



We can normally attend on a day to suit you and will offer a couple of different availability slots for you to choose from. When we take your booking we will ask a few questions including where the tank is on the property, how far it is from parking to the tank, if we can park off road and when the tank was last emptied.

Once we have the information, we can quote for your work and we ask for payment by either BACS or card before we arrive and we will send a receipt and copy of the duty of care for your documents as well.

All homeowners before they move are also advised now to have the tank emptied and provide proof to the solicitor that the tank has been emptied before they vacate the property.

We can also recommend companies who can fit tanks and service and maintain treatment systems.

Please call us to arrange your tank to be emptied and give yourself time to get the tank checked if needed before the legislation comes into place. 01278 773770

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