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What type of toilets do I’m a Celebrity 2019 contestant use during their stay in camp? Griffin Toilet Hire think they have the answer!


I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here is a UK reality TV show set in the Australian Bush. (jungle) up to 10 Celebrities have to live in the jungle camp together for up to 3 weeks. To earn food other than basic camp rations the camp mates have to complete tasks including eating bugs, crawling through tanks and getting covered in insects, high wire games and all that after having to parachute into the jungle.

Contestants have to complete tasks if they have been voted for by the public phone vote system and normally complete tasks as a single player or in a duo. Sometimes the camps are split and the teams are pitted against each other to win tasks and earn treats or food



All the camp mates have to share a sleeping space, shower and toilet facilities during their stay with no comforts. The shower is a bush waterfall shower although this year there is also a bath. Sleeping on camp beds with sleeping beds around a camp fire means the contestants are constantly with each other and this can also lead to arguments amongst the camp members.

Anyone not reaching the highest amount of votes has to leave the jungle and this reduces the contestant numbers. The winner is the contestant who survives the 3 weeks and is crowned King or Queen of the jungle


Their toilet or ‘Dunny’ is a wooden box with a loo seat on top and their every move is monitored by cameras hidden in fake trees and rocks.

 What is a Dunny? – “Dunny” or “dunny can” are Australian and New Zealand  words for a toilet, particularly an outhouse. It is a slang term for a toilet. The toilet is basic long drop system into a compost style box. The camp mates have the luxury of a toilet seat.




Griffin Toilet Hire can offer portable toilets for long term events, including car boot sales, equestrian yards, storage yards, workshops, security areas and more.

For our VIP users we have luxury toilet trailers, which the contestants are more likely to be used to than the Dunny set up at camp. Our toilet trailers tend to go our for weddings, large social and VIP events.

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